Baby Shower

Our Baby Shower range will make organising and throwing a baby shower stress-free and fun! 


Baby Shower Pin The Dummy On The Baby Game

  • This Baby Shower Game is a fun filled activity for any baby shower, the aim of this game is to pin the dummy on the baby while blind folded, all guests will enjoy the hilarious take on an old classic.

  • Includes one baby poster, one blindfold and twelve dummy stickers


Baby Shower Mummy To Be Sash

  • This Mummy To Be Sash is an essential to any baby shower, made from a satin material with a design that has the phrase “Mummy To Be” on it. 

  • Material: Satin


Baby Shower 12 Pack Invitations

  • This Pack of Twelve Baby Shower Invitations will prove to be very popular, with a fun design, perfect for a celebration and includes envelopes so that all is needed is a pen.

  • Includes envelopes


Baby Shower Spin The Bottle Game

  • This Baby Shower Spin The Bottle Game is fantastic entertainment for mum to be and her friends, featuring a themed spinning wheel which has forfeits to act out.


Baby Shower 8 Pack Photo Props

  • This Pack of Eight Baby Shower Photo Props are a fantastic way to make memories during the celebration, with comical baby themed designs for friends and family to enjoy posing with.


Baby Shower 6 Pack 2.3m Decorations

  • This Pack of Six Baby Shower Decorations is an essential for a beautiful baby shower, with a design featuring shimmering clouds and raindrops cascading down the string for a magical finish on the party


Baby Shower 11 piece Letter Banner

  • This Baby Shower Banner is one of the essential for any baby shower, the sign is spread across string, each letter has a shimmering border for a stand out look.

  • Eleven pieces

  • Material: Card


Baby Shower 12 Pack Who Knows Mummy Best Game

  • This 'Who Knows Mummy Best' Game is a fantastic entertaining game for a baby shower, with questions from Mum’s full name, to what is Mum’s due date which is sure to start conversation with guests.

  • 12 players

  • Include winners crown


Baby Shower 12 Pack Keepsake

Advice Cards

  • This Pack of Twelve Baby Shower Advice Cards is a great way for guest to get involved at a baby shower, with sentences that have blank spaces for guest to fill in their tips & advice to the expectant couple.

Baby Shower 12 Pack Prediction Game

  • This Pack of Twelve Baby Prediction Cards is a great activity for baby showers, featuring twelve card and envelopes with sentences that have blanks for guest to fill in. 

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